Formalities 👋🏽

After reading multiple blogs to set the motions on the direction of my very own blog, have come to the conclusion I need to introduce.

Hello guys , I am 24 year’s old . I am in a cohabitating lesbian relationship. I am a mixed race. I am a manager. – statements and labels that COULD define me.

At this current stage I can’t confidently confirm what my preference of labels would be. However during this pandemic I have had the privilege on time for reflection and self improvement. I could only be getting closer to finding out my true identity (If we ever really do find our ‘true’ identity).

I’ve recently read an article on self help / therapy during Lockdown, one recommending writing letters containing any negative, unresolved and unsaid feelings. The author of the article suggesting that to burn these letters in turn burns and releases any pain from old wounds and dark days. A concept and idea that has been floating around my mind for a few days with the contributing factor’s of blast from the past covering the pages of all my social media’s. Grief. And reminiscing.

I eventually realised that I was inspired by the idea of putting unresolved wounds to rest via words. However I was strongly conflicted by the idea of burning these heartfelt letters ; I may have gained from the closure but what about the ones I have done wrong ? , Does burning the letters mean burning the feelings ? After the letters are burned can I live with the disappointment of the pain remaining?

I am a strong believer of everything happens for a reason ( I even have this tattooed on me) therefore I would hate to destroy any memory / feeling I have experienced as this is all part of my very own butterfly experience. I would also like the chance as an adult with improved communication skills and understanding of myself to be heard by anyone that would like to listen.

This is where I will start my blogging journey , letters to those I’ve wronged , hurt , loved and love.


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