Dear My Unrequited Love …

…my point is now my dream and all of that – none of it matters now . I had initial feelings , post feelings , yesterday feelings and today feelings – they are changing 24/7 but they are all just feelings in different points in time and our chapter. the only person that can answer any of my questions and need to talk is you – you’re the only one that can answer these. But I know that may not be possible so i have come to the terms of not having answers from another person I love and I’m okay with that , I have come to terms with that. I’m setting you free , I want to congratulate you and tell you I think right now I believe I will always love you , but I’m not IN love with you.

You said the same words to me once , and it cut me but I know it won’t cut you – you are free from me , you no longer have to feel obliged to reply to me or anything obligations you make to me . Because to this day I don’t know if the reply’s are more like sympathy obligations.

But … maybe one day when you are ready you can answer my questions to provide me with closure , however I can respect the right time may not be now. And I hope you didn’t find this hard to read if you do read this.

You are blessed with a beautiful angel to look after and cherish (but that’s for part 2 ) …


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