A New Years Message (01/17)

Happy New Years to my princess … Thank you for everything the smiles , the laughs even the hurt and the tears .. Because it was

All part of 2016 and despite it all we still managed to enter the New Years together with a smile .. I really do hope 2017 brings you everything you’re heart desires and I deeply regret that couldn’t be me however everything happens for a reason….. you’re a princess and you deserve the world … But you are still young and everything will fall in place at the right time ,

So spend less time stressing and more time smiling this year because that’s when you look the best with a smile

On you’re face … I love you and hope the path you’ve chosen fulfils you in the way that you want/need it to … I wouldn’t of changed the end of 2016 for the world because if I had to think of someone to go through everything with I couldn’t of think of anyone else for it to have been with … All boundaries have been broken between us and I can only speak for myself but although it has only been a few months it feel like a life time with you .. So never hesitate to call , text , snap (since its you’re fave form of communication) , because no matter what happens or even if we happen to grow apart in order for you to be happy , one message and I’ll always be there for you for anything … I mean this from the bottom of my heart , I genuinely pray 2017 is amazing for you and keeps you growing into the beautiful young lady you are …


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