Happy Birthday My Love

Baby girl

Happy birthday beautiful , you are 21 !! (I have finally lost my peado status) going to have to find a younger girl 😉

I couldn’t be prouder of you , you are shining more than you can imagine in the grand scale of life I haven’t been in yours for much of it. However it feels like I’ve known you a lifetime I have had the privillage to watch you transform from a beautiful teenager into a stunning woman.

I love you for you and all you are. I love how despite me believing I’d never love like this you managed to flip that vision around and now all I think about in my life now put is us , a future , kids ,marriage.

A life I could never imagine before and now I can ,thanks to you.

I want you to know and understand you are SO loved .. Appreciated … and respected although it may not seem so at all points in our time together and we are both firey young lady’s that like winning probably doesn’t help us. We had a rocky journey to get here but we pulled through despite the world pushing against us and I am so glad we did because I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it , Annoying me , loving me or organising me and these are just a few things that you do for me on a long long list.

Now on to you …. your so amazing I know at times this year you haven’t felt that or seen that , but you are fucking amazing I know I can be hard on you but the world is shit and hard and I don’t want to see you crumble I know it’s not always the best method and what you needed but I’m learning . But you are too and you’re doing a much better job than I was doing at 21 – trust me !

I especially love the relationship you have developed with the other love of my life – Alexis. This honestly means the world to me every time I see it , see the two of you together or you mentioning her and you’re beautiful eyes light up.

You love me and what makes me and I love you for that . But in addition you carry my baggage and for that I am eternally greatful and in a massive debt to you my princess. I hope I get the chance to look after you the way you have mine , to change you’re life the way you have mine . You taught me love , you are my love.

And now at the age of 21 I have requests of you – I want you to love yourself more than the world 💕, it is so important to be selfish and self love sometimes love blinds everything but I want you to learn to prioritise yourself.

Believe in yourself – you are amazing baby , please once you believe that you’re life will change.

Do what you love.

Don’t waste your best years I know corona virus hasn’t exactly helped I know you’re frustrated because you want these things to. But take steps forward to manifest this. I will support whatever you do as long as you love what you do 💕


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